Author, Kristina Bilonick Royer (Photo by E. Brady Robinson)

Thanks for visiting Couchside Collector! I started this site as a fun way to explore what the online art market has to offer. I’ve been a working artist and arts administrator  in Washington, DC since 2000. I’ve watched the art market here wax and wane, and it is hard not to notice the number of physical gallery spaces that have closed within recent years.

I, myself, run an arts space that functions as a  shared studio and gallery space that sells work by emerging DC artists – usually at a price-point that would entice a budding collector. That said, I’ve noticed price does not seem to be the only barrier when it comes to people starting to collect art. There is a comfort level that many are lacking and I though maybe the ability to peruse for art online (say, from the comforts of your couch) can make navigating the market and making those first purchases a little less intimidating.

I hope you enjoy my daily picks, and feel free to contact me with your thoughts and ideas on the online art market! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy stealing away some time each day to surf around and find cool works to share with you all.


(Note: all posts are unsolicited, and purely based on my opinion and personal art tastes. I hope to be able to collect some of the finds I post and if I do, I’ll tag them accordingly.)