pick #64


Xochi Solis
The etched shape of lanscapes
Gouache, house paint, acrylic, spray paint, acetate, colored paper, naturally dyed paper, and found images on museum board
7.5 x 9.5 inches
$305 via Uprise Art

As we enter the new year, I return to one of my favorite spots to look for great, affordable contemporary art to purchase. Let’s face it, we all went a little overboard over the holidays so let’s keep things under $500 for the next month or so.

This piece called out to me because (seemingly unintentionally) reminds me of my favorite works by Claes Oldenburg – his series of soft sculptures and renderings of the classic American hamburger. The loose stacks of layers of painted papers remind me of his stacked lettuces and tomatoes. Or maybe I’m just hungry! There’s plenty of yummy finds by this artist and other emerging artists in the under $1,000 range on this web site that is run by some cool chicks out of NYC. They also offer payment plans and have an in house advisory to help you shape your collection.