pick #60


Teresa Christiansen
Still Life with Fruit
Archival pigment inkjet print, edition of 10
17.5 x 21.5 inches
$625 via Uprise Art

I’ve noticed a recent trend of contemporary photographers playing off the classic Dutch still lifes and I love them. This is a great example of a contemporary photographer playing off a traditional set up with fruit, but details like the pattern of the tablecloth give hints of the actual time-stamp. The neat thing about this artist’s work is that there is no digital manipulation – the kind of blown out look to the vase and apples is created in-studio with lighting. Fun! I love how the work starts out more traditional up top -with the rich fruits and blue background -and then flattens out into an almost op-art situation at the bottom – disrupting your comfort zone, and making you wondering if everything’s about to slide off!  The bleached out plant is super trippy and fun how it reverbs off the patterned fabric and neighboring apple.