pick #58


Garo Antreasian
Riddle II, 2013
Single-color lithograph: dark blue ink on Natural Torinoko
42 x 30.13 inches
Collaborating Printer: Bill Lagattuta; Edition of 10
$1,500 via Tamarind Institute

I came across this beautiful lithograph when I got an email alert from Tamarind about the latest additions to their editions! (Get it? Sorry.. I couldn’t help myself there). It’s really wise to sign up for the newsletters of art galleries and online retailers you love so you can find out about the newest works.

I’ve featured the Tamarind Institue before. They’re a brand of the UNM art department that specializes in training artists to become Master Lithographic printers. Their staff of master printers then work with visiting artists to create beautiful editions. They recently added some amazing 4-color separated photographic lithos by the amazing, Nick Cave. Those are amazing in their own right, but a little pricey given his stature in the Art World (worthy investment  if you can afford!).  This print struck me in the bunch though because of it’s formal qualities. It’s a one color print that honestly would be a little too much with any additional color given it’s intricate linework. It’s printed in a midnight blue that I’m sure looks rich and velvety in person. I don’t know too much about the artist but when you click through to his other prints you see that he has a long career and has worked with the Tamarind on multiple editions (others are worth scoping out). This would make a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection!