pick #31

Rex Ray
Untitled, (year unknown)
Mixed media collage and resin on wood panel (original)
24 x 16 inches
$5,000 via JonathanAdler.com

I’ve been finding original art in some unexpected places lately. I was just on the Jonathan Adler site in the hopes there might be some housewares in clearance that I could afford! Then I hovered over the ‘wall decor’ section of his site to find a section called ‘JA finds’ which is a group of original artworks curated by the designer himself that fit the aesthetic of his interiors.

I was drawn to these original collages by Rex Ray, an artist whose oeuvre spans between visual art and graphic design. The San Fransisco-based artist passed away recently, and so 10% of the sales of his work on this site go to the Rex Ray Memorial fund which supports arts programs for youth.

This one is kind of pricey, but there were others on the site in the $1,000-2,000 range that were smaller (but equally groovy!)